Synapse Collective

by Izeovasis

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We wrote this album between late 2011 and early 2013. Production began in the Spring of 2013, but after acquiring an Axe-Fx II, we re-recorded everything for the best possible sound we could provide with Josh Foster of Dissipate (Idoler Studio's) in Alameda, CA. Our album was completed in August of 2013, and we disbanded soon after.

This album is the last of three releases over 9 years, and is the best to date. It is the culmination of each member's creative input, hard work, and constant sacrifice to craft something we all felt to be unique and compelling. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed (at times) writing it. To a great 9 years of friendship and frustrations.


released January 1, 2014

Jason Bryning - Vocals
Nick Smith - Guitar
Jamison Kester- Lead Guitar, vocals
Ian Patience - Bass
Derek Alviso - Drums

Guest vocals on Simulism by Josh Foster of Dissipate (Basick Records)



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Izeovasis Oakland, California

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Track Name: Swarm
i see what they do i hear what they say so many signs they put in your face, time to get clever dont buy what they sell you so fucking ignorant spoon fed lies all in disguise stop at nothing im not ever surprised they let chaos take over as they tell us its all going to be ok freedom is false i know the truth is in the soul.
Track Name: Shape Shifting
They live among us. you see them everywhere - you look but you don't know who they are. but if you look closer you can see their true colors and their real form. reptilians! yellow eye's. sharp jagged teeth. face forming. you see this shit on tv? if you think I'm crazy see for yourself.
open your mind, start to believe. they say ignorance is bliss - far to late for me. far to late for me. reptilians! everything you thought was a lie is true, they will destroy you. shape shifting!!!!
Track Name: Hive Construction
I create everything that happens around me. sometimes my inner thoughts fucking surround me. back on track I'll never go back. where I've been I'll never go back. the past is the past. well you say you want it real real bad? but what would you be without your friends? what would you be without your friends? what would you be? six years happened so fast. so many memories. i will never forget these times we've had. dont you forget a word that i said!
Track Name: Simulism
lies in the sky's as we converge with a new existence. life changes with every second. we breath time to make our new beginning - with every ounce of our being. everyone starts seeing whats going on here. your destiny is waiting, this is where it all begins. stop living on impulse. make a change. its not the end, just the beginning. face the world and everything in it. no more debating on death. it is what it is, fucking embrace it! learn to love what you have. fucking take back existence!
Track Name: (dis)Connect
The whiteness flashes over my eye's. the walls were shaking; shifting all around me. get it out of me! clear mind, closed eye's now. my sound and vision gone - for a moment new energy flows into my hands. the pain was to much. the flame came into my hands. what have i become? dear God, can i save them all? connect to the source, don't be a slave to your mind. understand the process that comes over your thoughts. remember who you are. i will never leave. connect!! connect!!